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Mission Hills Real Estate - Mission Hills Homes for Sale - Mission Hills House Values

Mission Hills Real Estate, Luxury homes appointed with old world charm.

If you're conducting a home search, there’s no place like an opulent Mission Hills home. The cream of the cream of the crop of Johnson County real estate, Mission Hills is a lavish tapestry of upscale estates and expansive lots. Less than 4,000 homes dot the 2.1 square miles of quiet cul de sacs, wooded hills and winding streams. Neighbors include bluebirds and bunny rabbits and the usual creatures and foliage you imagine when someone says: “Picturesque.” Architecture is something out of fairytales or Gone with the Wind, with an array of styles in between. Mission Hills considers itself a garden community and this informs the pleasant atmosphere and genuine friendliness of the residents. Sarcasm has been rooted out along with the weeds. Home Sweet Home this really is.

Mission Hills Real Estate, An exclusive address that welcomes everyone.

Mission Hills offers an idyllic environment for raising children of any age. Community events such as the annual Street Fair and the Verona Columns Concert bring out the kids in their shorts and sandals to wonder among the flowers and splash in the fountains. Top private schools, such as Pembroke Hill School and the Barstow School, combine a rigorous curriculum with excellent arts and sports programs. Residents can also choose from several parochial schools. Mission Hills is served by the Shawnee Public School District.

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Mission Hills Real Estate, Country Clubs for city folk.

Located just outside Kansas City, Mission Hill affords its residents a welcome respite from city life. A number of country clubs keep members’ social calendars abuzz. Northern Mission Hills residents enjoy the fine dining and playing of the Mission Hills Country Club and the Kansas City Country Club. Southern Mission Hills residents mingle at the Indian Hills Country Club. All boast exclusive services and multiple opportunities for activity to add the leisure to the life of leisure Mission Hills offers.

In all, Mission Hills is a quiet haven where commercial properties are non-existent. The residents enjoy an elevated level of living seldom found in today's hectic world.

Mission Hills KS home values - supply versus demand

Home values in Mission Hills KS are determined by supply and demand. Supply is very limited in Mission Hills KS. It is one of the rare cities in the United States where the supply is actually shrinking. Shrinking you ask? Yes, the supply of homes in Mission Hills KS is getting smaller. The housing trend is that some buyers are purchasing two homes, tearing them down, and putting up one larger residence. Good thing you paid attention in Economics 101, right? Good news for Mission Hills home sellers is that Mission Hills real estate has a limited supply. There is no direction for Mission Hills to expand. So with limited housing supply and by most accounts the highest relative desirability, Mission Hills real estate prices are the highest average in the KC Metro area. Some homes in Mission hills have not been for sale for decades. Some never go on the public market.

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Mission Hills Kansas, suburban Kansas City, Real Estate Market Update May 10th, 2010

View Mission Hills KS Homes for Sale

Quick Overview of the Mission Hills KS Real Estate Market as of May 10th, 2010

  • 58 Mission Hills KS Homes for sale - another jump in supply since my previous report on Mission Hills home sales.
  • 21 Mission Hills KS Homes sold in the last 6 months - a slight drop in sales .
  • Average number of Mission Hills KS homes selling per month is 3.6.
  • Median current asking price is roughly $1,100,000 - a drop in median asking price of $100,000 since my previous report.
  • Median Selling price during the last 6 months is roughly $755,000 - a drop of $45,000 since my last report.
  • Estimated Mission Hills KS housing inventory is 16.6 months based on last six months of demand and current supply of homes. This is a change since a comparatively large number of homes came on the market and the average number of home selling in the last six months has dropped.
  • Overall the advantage is to the home buyer based on supply and demand - but this varies based on the price range.

Mission Hills is a small, select, and sought after suburb of Kansas City with quite a variety of luxury homes for sale. The low supply homes available in Mission Hills Kansas coupled with it's incredible desirability drive up the market value. You can see the incredible value location has on the price of home in Mission Hills KS by reviewing the median prices. Nice!

Unique Kansas properties in this update include homes in the areas of (but not limited to)

  • Mission Hills
  • Sagamore Hills
  • Indian Hills
  • Belinder Hills

Think of Mission Hills as the La Jolla of Kansas, but without the ocean, and with four seasons.

Mission Hills homes start at around a half million and go to well over five million

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What is the Trend for Sales in Mission Hills?

How much is my Mission Hills home worth?

Homes for sale in Mission Hills KS Kansas

Homes for sale in Mission Hills KS under $500000

Homes for sale in Mission Hills KS KS $499000 to $600000

Homes for sale in Mission Hills KS KS $599000 to $650000

Homes for sale in Mission Hills KS KS $649000 to $700000

Homes for sale in Mission Hills KS KS $699000 to $800000

Homes for sale in Mission Hills KS KS $799000 to $900000

Homes for sale in Mission Hills KS KS $899000 to $1000000

Homes for sale in Mission Hills KS KS $999000 to $1250000

Homes for sale in Mission Hills KS KS $124000 to $1500000

Homes for sale in Mission Hills KS KS $1490000 to $1750000

Homes for sale in Mission Hills KS KS $1749000 to $2000000

Homes for sale in Mission Hills KS $2000000+

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Mission Hills Real Estate - Mission Hills Homes for Sale - Mission Hills House Values