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"Homes for sale Leawood real estate home values

There's Kansas. And then there's Leawood Kansas.

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Leawood Homes for sale $450,000 to $500,000

Leawood Homes for sale $400,000 to $450,000

Leawood Homes for sale $350,000 to $400,000

Leawood Homes for sale $300,000 to $350,000

Leawood Homes for sale $300,000 or less

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and most beholders who look upon Leawood with wide eyes agree it's quite the pretty place. There are green lawns that jut up to a blue horizon. Trees that let fly a rainbow of leaves in the fall. Homes that come with their very own maps. Once this was good farmland, and a great stop for pioneers with visions of California gold in their heads. Now Leawood homes have evolved into a golden little city where the finest aspects of living come standard. In other words, it ain't too shabby.

Leawood Real Estate. Everybody wants some.

South of metropolitan Kansas City, Leawood is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle. Essentially, it's 15 square miles of serenity that'll make you forget cities exist in the first place. The government didn't even allow fast food chains here until the late 1990s. (You can definitely get your fry fix now.) Surprisingly, though, folks kind of like it that way. And living here offers some other tangible goodies, like homes and lots that are larger than their counterparts in neighboring cities. Leawood actually boasts one of the hottest zip codes in Kansas, probably because it feels quaint and homey, but you still get to live in a house with an average selling price of $400,000. It's Mayberry, if the whole town had won the lotto.

Leawood Neighborhoods include ( a sampling )

If these names all make you think of drinking wine and horsebacking riding, (preferably not at the same time) that's about right.

Making a living among the finest of living.

Although Leawood is mostly residential, a thriving business community has emerged over the last few years. The city's major companies employ about 4,000, and plans for additional business parks are underway. Plus, with a vast system of easily accessible highways, residents can reach nearly every city in the Kansas City area in 30 minutes or less. Only teleporting would be faster.

How Much is My Home Worth?           Find a Home

Leawood Homes with public schools the public fawns over.

If ever there was a collection of public schools to set the standard for the rest of the country, Blue Valley School District is it. All five Blue Valley high schools were included in Newsweek's 2009 list of top schools in the country. In general Kansas public schools rank high among lists of academic achievement by state. Blue Valley is the cream of this crop. If you prefer private education, a couple of Catholic Schools serve Leawood, and outside the city limits one can find a number of excellent secular options.

Leawood Kansas Homes : To-Do Lists are banned.

In Leawood, relaxation is art—literally. Along one of the highways lies a sculpture by David L. Phelps entitled: "Pastoral Dreamer." The piece is of a country boy lying in the grass, not a care in the world. Nothing could be more representative of Leawood's spirit. Community events, like the Organic Farmers Market and Jazz Festival are all about enjoying the fruits (pun intended) of life. No one hurries here. Stress is left behind in the big city. Residents realize they've got a good thing going because, well, they've traveled to other places and they know what's out there.

Overall, Leawood has everything you look for: great schools, great neighborhoods, great homes. It's just a few unicorns short of fictional, which means you can definitely make it your reality.

Leawood Kansas is located in Johnson County, suburban Kansas City. Leawood is known for its elegant homes, beautiful landscaping on the roads and public parks, outstanding schools, and for being a sought after address within Johnson County and Metropolitan Kansas City. The average Leawood home, at time of writing, sold for just under $400,000. The highest sale in 2012, was 2.5 Million in Tomahawk Creek Estates. Hallbrook accounted for 11 of the top 20 sales in Leawood in 2012. Leawood tends to have larger lots and homesites than other neighboring cities. Leawood subdivisions tend to require more minimum landscaping for the new home communities.

Leawood Kansas was and is primarily a bedroom community. Recently there has been a move to diversify Leawood and broaden the tax base with the addition of Leawood Town Center and other retail establishements. The 2010 Census pegged the population at nearly 32,000 for Leawood. The 2007 median household income for Leawood was nearly $118,000 and the median income for a famly was almost $137,000.

Leawood KS home values - supply versus demand

Home values in Leawood KS are determined by supply and demand. Good thing you paid attention in Econ 101, right? Good news for Leawood home sellers is that Leawood real estate has a limited supply. There is no direction for Leawood to expand. Leawood is bordered by Prairie Village to the north, Overland Park to the West and South, and Kansas City, MO to the East. So with limited supply and a high relative desirability, Leawood real estate prices are higher than the surrounding cities. There is only so much land left to build on in Leawood and it is getting developed as you read this.

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Leawood Homes $500K or more

Leawood REALTOR versus a Leawood real estate agent

As you are driving up Nall and down Roe, I am sure there is a burning question in your head - what is the difference between and agent and a Realtor? It keeps you up at night doesn't it? I can help you there. A Leawood KS REALTOR is a real estate agent who has promised to uphold the REALTOR code of ethics and maintains a membership in good standing with the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the Kansas Association of REALTORS (KAR) , the Kansas Real Estate Commission (KREC) and the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors (KCRAR). A Leawood Kansas REALTOR can be a member of the KCRAR, but a Leawood real estate agent who is not also a REALTOR cannot be. A Leawood Kansas real estate agent means that person is licensed by the State of Kansas to conduct real estate transactions.

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Homes for sale Leawood real estate home values