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What does "staging" mean and why should I do it?

Imagine you are bringing your date home for drinks. Or, if its been a long time since you dated, imagine your boss is coming over to talk about some ideas or a promotion. If you are on a date, do you leave in the middle, to go take a shower and shave? No, of course not, its too late. You have made your first impression already. If your boss is over to discuss the promotion, do you get up in the middle and decide to put on a freshly pressed suit? No, its too late. Its the same with staging. You get ONE CHANCE to make a first impression. One. Period. End of Story.

Here are some starter items.

  • Make sure the grass is cut. In the winter, make sure the driveway, sidewalk, steps and porch are shoveled.
  • Landscaping is attractive and 'fresh'
  • Ensure the approach to the front door is attractive and favorable - think cobwebs, trash, debris, clutter, etc
  • Make the beds
  • Take out the trash
  • Pick up the dirty clothes
  • No dirty dishes in the sink
  • Flush the toilets
  • Take your pets with you. Fido does NOT like strangers in her house.

Staging, in the broadest terms, means the presentation of your home or property. Think of the 4 P's of Marketing

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

Staging is part of the Product. Its the appearance, packaging, quality, perception of quality, and so on. As a Kansas city real estate veteran since 1996 my experience with buyers is they view looking at houses similar to how people approach dating. On a date, you often make up your mind about your date very quickly. Either you want to know more about them, or you say, OMG when will this date get over with? Home buyers are the same way. They make up their mind, generally, in under 8 minutes, and sometimes, on the negative side, they decide against a home in under 2 minutes.

So the importance of staging is about making that good first impression. For a man, think about showering, shaving, putting on clean clothes (my wife landed a winner,eh?) making sure your shoes are polished, fresh hair cut, you get the idea. Houses are the same way, the adage 'you only get one chance to make a first impression' is just as true showing your home for sale as it is going on a first date.

In my experience most home buyers will be in and out of your home in 8 minutes or less. Doesn't it make sense to make a good impression? If your date had a pet odor (stretching a bit, but keep with me), or weeds growing in their hair would you want a second date? Would you be likely to 'phone a friend' fake the emergency and get the heck out of Dodge? So do buyers.

If you are ready to sell your Kansas City home, by which I mean Johnson County KS, and would like to hire an effective real estate broker contact Ken Jansen today.

By Ken Jansen

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What does "staging" mean and why should I do it?