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Overland Park KS Homes

There's no overstating Overland Park Real Estate.

Overland Park Homes for sale under $500,000

downtown overland park farmers market photo by ken jansen

(OP KS $500K Plus)

With an Old Downtown reminiscent of its origin as a pioneer city and a skyline to rival any metropolis, Overland Park offers a harmony of quaint living and modern innovations. The city, the second largest in Kansas, was incorporated in 1960. Yet you won't lack for the wonderful accoutrements of the 21st century. Along with the many amenities, you can delight in a home sweet home pleasantness that makes you wonder how anyone lives anywhere else. Not surprisingly, Overland Park is consistently ranked in the Top 10 of Money magazine's "Best 100 Cities to Live in the U.S." In 2009, it was also named one of "The Best Places to Raise Your Kids." What this means is that you'll find great schools, top hospitals, cultural activities, and an array of opportunities for seizing the day´┐Żor quietly reflecting on what a wonderful decision it was to move here.

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Relocating to Greater Kansas City- Overland Park KS offers

  • Central Location in Metro Kansas City
  • Sought after address
  • Eastern Location in Johnson County KS
  • Just minutes to world class shopping, restaurants, and entertainment at the County Club Plaza or Town Center
  • Quick drive to downtown Kansas City
  • Housing Overland Park = Easy access to Highways
  • Overland Park has great shopping, entertainment, and restaurants
  • Accessible to Downtown Kansas City
  • Close enough to Country Club Plaza to go every weekend

Overland Park Neighborhoods with the mostest.

Intended to offer residents a park-like community (hence the name), Overland Park is 73 square miles of friendly neighborhoods with homes ranging from modest 2-bedroom ranches to expansive acreage lots boasting even more expansive luxury homes. Something for everyone? There's also a sister city: Bietigheim-Bissingen, which may or may not earn you a free beer if you ever visit Germany. On the individual subdivision pages you can view get more detailed information about the neighborhoods and the Overland Park properties for sale in each one. Overland Park border cities include Leawood, Prairie Village, Olathe, Shawnee, Lenexa, Stilwell, Bucyrus (now annexed), Stanley, Spring Hill, etc.

Houses in Overland Park KS

As you drive up and down Nall or Roe looking at all the homes for sale in Overland Park, you will likely notice a few things. For one, the houses in Overland Park KS tend to get a little newer, a tad younger the farther South you drive. Secondly there are plenty of homes in Overland Park built before 2000, or thereabouts, which have wood or shake shingles. The modern composite roofs did not hit the Overland Park housing market until sometime after 2000. Third, there is a distinct absence of siding on most up scale homes in Overland Park. A common thing in many parts of the country but not very prevalent in Overland Park housing, at least not in the upper bracket portions.

Cruising back and forth along 135th, 143rd or 151st will show you how homes in Overland Park tend to be larger as you drive East versus West. Houses for sale in Overland Park tend to get a bit smaller as you get closer to Olathe or as you drive in the section of 'old Overland Park' where there is a much greater mix of housing and commercial properties. Think 75th and Metcalf as an example.

A sampling of Overland Park Subdivisions under $500K include

OP KS - More than one way to make a living.

Overland Park is considered part of the larger Kansas City metropolitan area. As such, you'll find many major companies have set up shop here. Sprint Nextel, Applebees, Embarq, YRC Worldwide and the Black & Veatch Corporation all have their fancy headquarters in Overland, perhaps taking Money magazine's advice. They employ from hundreds to the tens of thousands each. The Overland Park Convention Center also brings flocks of business folks to the area. Whatever it is that you do, you can do it here.

Overland Park House Values

Overland Park home values - supply versus demand

Overland Park home values are determined by supply and demand. Aren't you glad you paid attention in Economics 101? Overland Park has a nice steady supply of homes for sale. Overland Park often written by locals as "OP KS" also has a strong and steady supply of residential home buyers too. Overland Park continues to expand Southward in Johnson County. Overland Park home prices range from under $100,000 to the multiple $1,000,000's

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High-minded living with Overland Park Residential Properties

Educational opportunities abound. Several private Lutheran and Catholic schools, plus a Hebrew Academy serve the area, as does the Westminster Academy and the Oxford Park Academy. Homes in Overland Park are served by public school districts including Shawnee Mission, Olathe, Spring Hill and Blue Valley. Blue Valley's motto: "Education beyond expectation" isn't just a clever slogan. Four of Blue Valley's five high schools were included in Newsweek's 2009 list of top schools in the country. (the fifth one had not been built yet) And one need look no further than Overland Park's borders for excellent higher education. The Johnson County Community College, Emporia State College and the University of Kansas both have campuses in town.

All play and no work - the Overland Park real estate subtext

When you wake up on a Saturday morning in Overland Park and think: "What to do?" here is your answer. The Farmers' Market gathers the heartland's best in a fun-filled mini-festival that's the perfect excuse for getting your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. The Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is a 300-acre extravaganza of lovely birds and lovelier flowers so you can commune with nature in the comfort of a civilized space. Nickelodeon named the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead one of Kansas City's Top Family Attractions in 2008. This 12-acre, exciting attraction has everything you need to evoke big smiles and wide eyes from the under 12 set, including more than 200 animals, hay rides, a fishing pond, and an early 1900s century school house. But if by creature comforts you mean designer clothes and furnishings, the Oak Park Mall, featuring Nordstroms, Macy's and now Barnes and Noble, will gladly accommodate your needs. Plus the Leawood Town Center's array of exclusive shops is just across the street from Overland Park. Lastly, futbol fans can get their fill of corner kicks and penalty shots at Overland Park's new 12-field soccer complex.

In all, Overland Park is a great place to live. And the nearly 200,000 residents, not to mention Money magazine, tend to agree.

Overland Park Kansas, outside of Greater Kansas City, was incorporated May 20, 1960. The city has approximately 170,000 residents, making it the second largest city in Kansas. Our geographical area includes 73.33 square miles of Johnson County Kansas, located in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The City of Overland Park's founder, William B. Strang Jr., platted subdivisions along a military roadway. Strang envisioned a "park-like" community that was self-sustaining and well planned. He also sought strong commerce, quality education, vibrant neighborhoods, convenient transportation and accommodating recreational facilities.

Anticipating the growth of homes in Overland Park city leaders, in the 1960's, adopted a comprehensive plan to manage growth in the following areas: land use, parks, schools, zoning and housing. They also considered industry, shopping districts and expressways.

The 1960s and 1970s also brought the city Corporate Woods, Metcalf South Shopping Center, Oak Park Mall, a new City Hall and many residential subdivisions. In the 1980s Overland Park experienced a boom in commercial and residential development. By 1988, the city's population surpassed 100,000.

In the early 1990s, city officials focused their efforts on renovating the downtown area. The Clock Tower Plaza was dedicated and the Farmers' Market Pavilion was constructed.

Today, Overland Park remains a nationally recognized city and has a thriving economy.

Overland Park Kansas is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States. Large employes include Sprint, YRC Worldwide, Embarq, Applebee's, Black and Veatch. Overland Park is served by the Blue Valley, Shawnee Mission, Spring Hill, and Olathe School Districts.

Homes in Overland Park KS have access to multiple institutions of higher learning including, Johnson County Community College, University of Kansas Edwards Campus, Ottawa University adult campus, Baker University Overland Park Campus, Emporia State University - Overland Park Campus.

New homes in Overland Park KS

Overland Park REALTOR versus a Overland Park real estate agent

An Overland Park REALTOR is a real estate agent who has promised to uphold the REALTOR code of ethics and maintains a membership in good standing with the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the Kansas Association of REALTORS (KAR) , the Kansas Real Estate Commission (KREC) and the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors (KCRAR). A Overland Park KS REALTOR can be a member of the KCRAR, but a Overland Park KS real estate agent who is not also a REALTOR cannot be. A Kansas real estate agent means that person is licensed by the State of Kansas to conduct real estate transactions.

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